Secret of Levitation in India

Have you noticed people performing the act of levitation on the roads?

Acts of levitation of all the Indian Guru Yogis have been in the history, right form the year 1884. However, recently, when the pictures of Yogi Subbayah Pullavar, a popular Indian guru, were revealed, a serious interest has been noticed in Yogis and their acts of levitation. The Indian Yogi performed the act for four minutes in front of 150 witnesses.

Despite being awestruck by his fabulous trick, there was a question banging in the heads of the audience – why did he hide himself in the tent before performing the act? Now the question is – was he really floating in the air or simply balancing on something?

The Secret Revealed:

Here’s the secret that has been revealed that opened the eyes of the viewers and believers in the act of levitation – the attendants of the Yogi erected a small tent so that he could remain hidden for a few minutes before performing the acts of levitation. The Yogi was horizontally standing several feet above the ground and was in complete trance. In real, he was actually resting one of his hands on a stick covered under the cloth.

 Image via Muu-karhu/wikimedia