Blue-eyed people tend to require more alcohol to get drunk compared to people with dark eyes!

Blue-eyed people tend to require more alcohol to get drunk as compared to those people with dark eyes!

Psychologists from Georgia State University have found that people with light colored eyes tend to drink more alcohol to get drunk than the people with dark eyes. People with darker eyes are less likely to consume more alcohol because they don’t feel like the need of too much alcohol to become intoxicated. This eye color theory is actually true.

Two separate studies, one involving prisoners and another involving women, indicate that people with lighter eyes are more likely to abuse alcohol than those with darker eyes. Here, lighter eyes are referencing the blue eyes, and black and brown eyes are referencing the darker eyes.

The reason behind this is that dark-eyed people may feel shy to drink excessively, because they can easily be made to drink; and this stops them from establishing a physiological dependence on alcohol. Therefore, blue-eyed people may drink much more as they are not so physiologically dependent on substances that might cause them to cross their limits and become alcoholic.

It is also seen that people with blue eyes are more intelligent than the people with darker eyes particularly, when it comes to tasks that are required to be completed slowly over time.

Genetic reasons behind blue eyes:

The Brown color of the eye is produced by a pigment called melanin and the production of melanin is controlled by the OCA2 gene. Moreover, if melanin is not produced in a person then the person will neither have brown eyes nor would have brown color anywhere on their skin. Because of the reduced OCA2 genes, blue color in the eyes are produced.

People with light eyes are more sensitive to alcohol consumption as compared to the people with dark eyes.

A team of scientists found that the Blue eye mutation OCA2 occurred between 6-10,000 years ago and they believe that earlier than that, there were no blue eyes and people were born only with dark eyes.