Each episode of TV reality show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was filmed in front of the real audience.No laugh track is used.

    While most of the TV shows, including F.R.I.E.N.D.S., used and still use artificial laughter to make the actual audience laugh on different scenes, The Big Bang Theory did totally opposite. It believed in making people genuinely laugh because that’s what the show had always been about. Therefore, in order to gather real laughter, all the episodes were shot right in front of the real audience so that the captured laughter was real and not some fake audio clip.


    The Laugh Track:

    The Big Bang Theory has always been filmed in front of a live studio audience so that the director knows how much it impacts the real life people. However, no proof has been found about this because there is still a lot of debate going on about this.

    The Debate:

    Even though most of the people think that Sheldon, Leonard and the team are all quite funny, there are others that are ready to bet everything to prove that a laugh track has been used in the background to make the entire thing funny.

    Laugh track or no laugh track, millions of people around the globe are fans of this show.