The world’s oldest lightbulb, which has been glowing almost continuously since 1901

This light fantastic news is going to blow your mind – you may have never thought about this before, but there is a lightbulb that has been burning for the last 109 years and the most surprising thing is that it is still as bright as it has always been!

Bill Nale/

Bill Nale/

The Light bulb Fan Club:

You read it right – this light-bulb’s story is so popular that it has thousands of fans, along with its very own website, which keeps attracting more and more people to it. Everybody loves looking at the pictures of vintage light bulb, which has seen more than 109 years.

Everything You Need To Know:

The EU rules do not permit the householders to use the traditional filament bulbs, due to which this so called ‘Centennial Light’ has been glowing bright from the year 1901. It proudly showers its light in the Fire Station 6, Livermore, northern California.


You are not the first person, who has been enlightened with the story of this light-bulb; to embrace its classic beauty and light, thousands of people come from distant places. This light-bulb is more like a symbol of pride for the locals living nearby.

This bulb was designed by Adolphe Chailet. All his life, he tried competing with the bulb design of Thomas Edison. Despite the powerful design and durability of his bulbs, he could not receive as much popularity as Edison. Sadly, Chailet never got the respect and honor he deserved for his lightbulb design, which could survive higher voltages as well.

According to Steve Bunn, who is the bulb protector, the reason behind the success of this light is the good old fashioned engineering, which created something without a complicated design and mess. ‘They don’t make them like this anymore’, said Bunn.