Licking your own wounds actually speed up the healing process. Human saliva contains many antibacterial compounds.

Thirteen of Clubs/wikipedia
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Human saliva has a deep secret; it has the power to heal!

This may sound a little disturbing for you to imagine, but if you constantly lick your wounds, they can get healed in no time at all. Licking your wound can increase the healing process of the injury, despite the intensity or severity of the wound.

Thirteen of Clubs/wikipedia
Thirteen of Clubs/wikipedia

The ‘Licking Wound’ Study:

A group of researchers from Netherlands states that the human saliva has a compound that speeds the healing of the wound. The members of the group have published their report in The Journal of Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

According to the findings mentioned in the report, no matter how chronic the wounds are, whether they are related to disorders or diabetes, whether they are traumatic injuries or burns, they can be healed if human saliva is brought in contact with them. In fact, it is as capable as alcohol and antibiotic creams are in healing wounds.

What Does The Saliva Have?

The saliva has histatin, which is a small protein that effectively kills the bacteria; when bacteria is killed, the wounds are able to heal in a quicker way.

In the experiment to prove themselves right, the scientists used the inner cheek epithelial cells on an artificial wound created in dishes. The dish in which the cells were bathed in human saliva seemed to be treated in a much better way, even though the artificial wound was open.

Saliva is a liquid with several components, which are responsible for the healing of the wound. After going through an in-depth study, it was found that histatin was the component responsible for quicker healing of different kinds of human wounds.

So how many of you are ready to lick your own wounds?

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