The Colored Pebbles of Lake McDonald

Here’s a new poem: Lake McDonald had some stones, E-ya, E-ya, O, And all the stones were colorful, E-ya, E-ya, O! This may sound funny to you, but not to the people who’ve been to Lake McDonald! United States’ Montana has the Glacier National

The Lost Generation: A Poem that has Exactly Opposite Meaning When Read Backwards!

Have you ever read a poem backwards? Have you ever wondered how a particularly poem sounds when you read it backwards? Well, The Lost Generation is a poem by Jonathan Reed. It was written as an entry for the AARP’s [email protected] video contest. This

Ignaz Semmelweis – Savior of Mothers

From paper soaps to hand sanitizers, from liquid soaps to anti-bacterial tissues, there are hundreds of things that we do to keep our hands clean, because we now know the importance of keeping the germs away, especially from our hands. We know that when

The Bloodwood Tree: This Tree Bleeds!

Kiaat, Muninga and Mukwa are the three different names given to Pterocarpus Angolensis, the tree found in southern parts of Africa. It is popularly known as the Bloodwood tree because of the kind of dark red colored liquid it produces from its wood. When

Aokigahara: The Suicide Forest

Located in the shadow of Mount Fuji, Aokigahara is a dark forest surrounded by haunting memories of all those, who have committed suicide here. It is the second most popular location in the world known for its high number of suicides. It is known

Monkey as Waiters in Japan

Now this is what we call customer service at its best! Every restaurant has to do something different to enhance the experience for its customers; this restaurant has simply ‘nailed it!’ A restaurant in Japan has uniquely transformed the face of the concepts of