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Meet Kakapo, the Largest Parrot in the World

Well, Kakapo is not the name of a specific bird, but it is one of the largest species of parrots around the globe. The moment you lay your eyes upon these birds, you fall in love with them, even though they scare you at first. An average adult kakapo grows to 60 centimeters in height,

This Chicken Breed Has WEIRD Legs!

If you think you’ve seen enough weird things in life, you are yet to witness the legs of this chicken breed. You may have seen weirdest animals, but nothing like this for sure! This is freakish and gives you goose bumps as well. This is Dong Tao chicken, which is quite popular in Vietnam. There

Jesus Lizard That Runs On Water

It would be a surprise for many people to know that there exist a species of lizards that can actually run on the surface of water. The name of the species is Basilisk Lizard, which is a skittish tree-dwelling lizard. When it is scared from any movement in its surrounding or wants to run away

All pandas in the world are on loan from China

All pandas in the world are on loan from China, and when a baby Panda is born, by agreement, it is sent back to China to help expand the gene pool. The baby pandas are shipped back by FedEx. Pandas are the creatures that everyone loves to adore. These animals are usually found in the

Pit Bulls Were Once Known As “Nanny Dogs”

Pit Bulls were once known as “nanny dogs” because of how kind and protective they were of children. Before media targeted the Pit Bulls, they were just like other dogs and were liked by all to have an affable nature. There was a time when Pit Bulls were the most beloved dogs in England and

The Basenji Dog Is The Only Dog That Is Not Able To Bark.

Meet the Only Breed of Dog That Doesn’t Bark – The Basenji There are different kinds of dog breeds in the world – all of them with their own unique features. Here’s one such dog breed which has a pretty uncanny feature. The Basenji – a dog breed, usually found in central Africa is one

Top 10 Fastest Animals in the World(Mammals)

And you thought you knew everything about all the animals? Well, not really! In the animal world, speed can be defined as the rate at which a predator hunts its prey. It is said that a predator that can run faster than its prey, and a prey that can outrun its predator, survives and exists