This Chicken Breed Has WEIRD Legs!

If you think you’ve seen enough weird things in life, you are yet to witness the legs of this chicken breed. You may have seen weirdest animals, but nothing like this for sure! This is freakish and gives you goose bumps as well. This is Dong Tao chicken, which is quite popular in Vietnam. There was once a time when this chicken was meant only for the wealthy and famous and for ritual offerings as well; now, the meat of this rare breed is served in high class restaurants that are visited by rich individuals.

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The Dong Tao Chicken:

Forget about all the chickens you have seen in your life because you are about to see the weirdest chicken in the entire world! An Adult Dong Tao chicken weighs up to 6kgs, which is quite a heavy weight for a chicken. The reason why this beauty is so heavy is because it has legs that are as thick as the wrist of a human. Scared? Don’t be! This chicken is surely a beauty and one of its kind.

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If you look at the hens, they are usually white in color, but the cocks have colorful feathers. The meat of this chicken is said to be far more delicious than the meat of the regular or ordinary chickens that most of the people eat in their life. Now you know why the meat of this chicken is so popular, in demand and thus, expensive!

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Wondering about the price of the meat of this chicken?

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1kg of Dong Tao chicken meat is as expensive as VND350,000 to 400,000 (USD17-19); depending upon the type of chicken you want, you have to be ready with the money in your hands. The breeding stocks cost around VND 100,000 to 120,000 (per chicken). However, if the chicken has thick legs, its price increases up to VND5-6 millions, which is USD238-286. Now this is not all about the prices of these beautiful birds; the prices increase even more during the Vietnamese New Year, which is quite a popular festival in the country. Dong Tao chickens are quite high in demand. In the year 2013, Ho Chi Minh City’s farmer did not agree to sell his pair of chickens for less than VND50 millions, which is USD2500! Quite cool, isn’t it? I bet you are sarcastically smiling right now because you would never agree to pay this much for chicken, but those who have tasted the meat of this beauty agree to pay everything that they own!

More about The Weird Looking Chickens:

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The first person to purchase these chickens was Tuan; he had purchased 10 Dong Tao chickens just for fun. He spent many years learning and understanding the way to breed this bird and in the end, he did all that he could to get the best out of this breed. He allows the chickens to enjoy their very own space with a lot of room; they are seen exercising on his farm.

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