Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#22

John D. Rockefeller via wikipedia
John D. Rockefeller via wikipedia
John D. Rockefeller via wikipedia

1) In 1935, Roosevelt called for a tax program called the Wealth Tax Act (Revenue Act of 1935) to redistribute wealth. The bill imposed an income tax of 79% on incomes over $5 million. Since that was an extraordinary high income in the 1930s, the highest tax rate actually covered just one individual – John D. Rockefeller. – Source

2) In 2005 the Italian Prime Minister, Berlusconi, insulted Finnish cuisine and joked that Finns ate “marinated reindeer”. In 2008, Finland won an international pizza contest, beating Italy. The name of the winning pizza was “Pizza Berlusconi” which was made of smoked reindeer. – Source

3) When pirate Jean Lafitte saw the governor advertising a $500 reward for his capture, Lafitte offered $5,000 for the capture of the governor. – Source

4) Three hunters in Oregon were discovered dead around their campsite with no marks or signs of a struggle. The only unusual thing was the discovery of a dead newt in the coffee pot that was later found to produce Tetradotoxin – a poison 10,000x more potent than cyanide. – Source

5) Utah has been giving free homes to homeless people since 2005 which since then made it more cost efficient to help the homeless and cut the chronic homelessness in Utah by 74%. – Source

6) Bob Ross never received any money for his show, The Joy of Painting. His company, Bob Ross Inc., sold art supplies, how-to videos, and he gave art lessons. – Source

7) When Samuel Adams received a female slave as a wedding gift, he insisted that “a slave can not live in my house; if she comes she must be free.” He was able to free her after years of writing emancipation papers, and treated her as an equal family member throughout that time. – Source

8) 26.5 million Canadians tuned into the gold medal final in men’s hockey during the 2010 Winter Olympics. That’s 80% of the entire country’s population. – Source

9) Marvel Comics created a superhero, Blue Ear, just for a 4 year old boy who was uncomfortable wearing hearing aids, which he needed. The boy told his mom “Superheroes don’t wear hearing aids” so Marvel created one. – Source

10) When Kim Peek managed payrolls of 160 people, he was able to complete this task in just hours without a calculator and when he was fired to be replaced by computer, it took two full time accountants plus the computer just to replace him. – Source

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