Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#9


    1) The more likely a man can grow a beard, the greater the risk he will go bald. – Source

    2) Extreme ironing is an actual sport. – Source

    3) MIT developed a wristband that can regulate your “thermal comfort,” possibly eliminating the need for central heating and cooling. – Source

    4) There is a type of music called binaural beats, that can make you high and trigger special dreams. – Source

    5) Japan invented a robot that gives hand jobs. – Source

    6) A loyal dog once stopped his owner from committing suicide by knocking the gun out of the owner’s hand. – Source

    7) Drinking alcohol doesn’t actually kill brain cells. – Source

    8) If you were to produce a sound louder than 1,100 dB, you would create a black hole and destroy the galaxy. – Source

    9) There is an immortal species of Jellyfish; they reverse their cells and age backwards. – Source

    10) Prolonged and intense bicycle ride can crush your nerves causing erection problem. – Source