Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#16




1) Costco hasn’t changed the price of its $1.50 Hot Dog/Soda Combo For 28 Years Since 1985. – Source

2) In Japan, the sales of adult diapers have surpassed the sales of baby diapers. – Source

3) The largest anti-smoking ad campaign “Truth” is funded by the tobacco companies as part of a settlement to be exempted from individual lawsuits stemming from harm caused by tobacco. – Source

4) Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” came from the last words of a murderer on death row. – Source

5) Your right ear hears speech better and your left ear hears music better. – Source

6) We are all made of stars. The atoms in our bodies, or within any organic matter containing carbon, were created in stars that lived over 4.5 billion years ago. – Source

7) There is a tree in Africa that is called “Bloodwood trees” because its sap is blood red. – Source

8) A PayPal glitch in 2013 made a Pennsylvanian man become the worlds first quadrillionaire, with an account balance of $92,233,720,368,547,800. – Source

9) Google is giving a $20 million prize to any private team that can land on the Moon by December 31st, 2016. – Source

10) In 2001, Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the international space station for Russian cosmonauts via a Soyuz rocket. – Source

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