Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#7


    1) Every Apple iPhone advertisement displays the time as 9:41 AM, the time Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2007. – Source

    2) A Japanese zoo unsuccessfully tried to mate a pair of hyenas for four years before realizing both were males. – Source

    3) In the Yellow River in China there are so many corpses to be found that it is lucrative to recover them and sell the bodies back to the families of the deceased for 500$. – Source

    4) Cleaning a cat’s litter box while pregnant can cause a baby to be born with cerebral palsy, seizures, and mental retardation. – Source

    5) A 63-year-old Florida man claims a dolphin seduced him into a year long relationship. – Source

    6) German poet Friedrich Schiller kept his desk drawer full of rotten apples. He claimed he couldn’t write without smelling their foul stench. – Source

    7) 33 light years away there is an exoplanet completely covered in burning ice. – Source

    8) Antarctica is the cleanest place on earth protected by anti-pollution laws – Source

    9) Bill Broyles, the writer of the movie ‘Cast away’, chose to deliberately strand himself for one week on an isolated beach in the Sea of Cortez, to force himself to search for water, food and obtain his own shelter. During this time, a volleyball washed up on shore. – Source

    10) People who habitually stay up late are, on average, more psychopathic than early risers. – Source