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Researchers Says That Cows Give More Milk When Listening To Music

According to the Modern Farmer magazine, cows feel amazingly at peace and relaxed when they listen to music and hence, they produce more milk. Since quite some time, both the farmers as well as the scientists knew that cows tend to produce more milk when they listen to music. However, no logic was found between

A very small size of Horses about the size of a duck once roamed North America!

Scientists, along with researchers from the University of Nebraska and University of Florida, found something unique; they discovered a relation between temperature of the environment and the size of the body of mammals. They followed the evolution of Sifrhippus Sandrae, which is the earliest known horse. About Sifrhippus Sandrae: This horse survived in the North

Octopus wrestling was once a documented hobby

Wresting with the octopus was once one of the most common hobbies of a lot of people. It involved a diver getting into a ‘fight’ with a huge octopus in deep water and dragging it right to the surface. If you go back in time and check the 1949 issue of Mechanix Illustrated, you see

A painting by a chimp was passed off as modern art by a French artist.

Has a modern art painting fascinated you ever? A painting made by a chimp once fascinated a French Artist so much that he actually passed it as a modern art painting. About Pierre Brassau: Pierre Brassau was a star and not an ordinary chimpanzee. In the year 1964, the Swedish tabloid Goteborgs-Tidningen had a journalist