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Pit Bulls Were Once Known As “Nanny Dogs”

Pit Bulls were once known as “nanny dogs” because of how kind and protective they were of children. Before media targeted the Pit Bulls, they were just like other dogs and were liked by all to have an affable nature. There was a time when Pit Bulls were the most beloved dogs in England and

The Basenji Dog Is The Only Dog That Is Not Able To Bark.

Meet the Only Breed of Dog That Doesn’t Bark – The Basenji There are different kinds of dog breeds in the world – all of them with their own unique features. Here’s one such dog breed which has a pretty uncanny feature. The Basenji – a dog breed, usually found in central Africa is one

Man Left His 9 Dogs Unfed For 2 Weeks While On Vacation

A man from Indonesia left his 9 dogs unfed for 2 weeks during a vacation; and when he returned home his starving dogs attacked and ate him. The bond between man and dogs is something that needs no explanation. There are many real life stories which depict how pure the bond is. But here’s an