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The Colored Pebbles of Lake McDonald

Here’s a new poem: Lake McDonald had some stones, E-ya, E-ya, O, And all the stones were colorful, E-ya, E-ya, O! This may sound funny to you, but not to the people who’ve been to Lake McDonald! United States’ Montana has the Glacier National Park, which shares its boundary with Canada. It has more than

Dutch People send Thousands of Tulips to Canada, Every Year

There are stories that make you fall in love in the relations of two different locations; one such story is of the kind of relations Canada and Netherlands share. During the World War II, the Dutch royal family was unable to find any location to stay and hide, to protect themselves. The entire family took

Relationship insecurity can in fact result in heart related illnesses.

According to a new study in Canada, those who feel insecure about their relationships have an increased risk for different kinds of health related issues, along with cardiovascular diseases. In fact, the study noticed that the people with insecurities in relationships tend to avoid getting close to their friends or socialize due to which different