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Kinetic Sand

Ever heard of Kinetic sand? It is made up of 98% sand and has PDMS as well as silicone dioxide. PDMS is mostly used as an anti-foaming agent. It is also found in the chicken McNuggets of McDonald’s, the famous fast food chain, and also, silly putty. It is such a wonderful feeling to have

Mushroom That Tastes like Chicken

There’s a mushroom called Laetiporus that grows in the wild throughout much of the world and tastes like chicken. Laetiporus is commonly known as the chicken of the woods, is an edible, bracket fungi. It is also called as the chicken fungus or chicken mushroom. The reason behind this is that it really tastes like

Cut Flowers Can Stand For Weeks When Tested With Viagra

Viagra dissolved in water can make cut flowers stand up straight for up to a week beyond their natural lifespan. It is a general conception among us that the use of Viagra increases the performance of impotent men. A team of Australian and Israeli scientists made their decision to test the effects of Viagra on

Most Japanese schools do not employ janitors or custodians.

Most Japanese schools do not employ janitors or custodians. The Japanese education system believes that requiring students to clean the school themselves teaches respect, responsibility, and emphasizes equality. Janitors or custodians are not appointed in a majority of the Japanese schools. The Japanese education system is of the belief that students must take the responsibility

8 world Greatest Jobs

1. Caretaker of Paradise island 34 year-old Ben Southall was selected to be the caretaker of an Australian tropical island. He has been approached for $111,000 and given a six month contract. For the job, now he has to live in a three bedroom villa with a filled pool; and not to mention the splendid

A Man Can Pass 2000-Volt Current Through His Body

Even 20,000-Volt Current Doesn’t Harm This Battery Man! This human sausage sizzler is going to make you scratch your head, just like the scientists are doing so to understand what he is made of! Meet Slavisa Pajkic, the Battery Man, who claims to be an insulator conductor as well as a heater because even 20,000-volt

The Longest Recorded Hangover Lasted 4 Weeks

Have you ever been drunk and in hangover? How many hours have you spent being in the same state? Five? Six? Maybe a day? What you are going to read is the longest hangover in the history of beer drinking! A man in Glasgow drank 60 pints of beer, which left him with a super

A Man Who Acquired Super-human Memory Skills.

There is a man who acquired super-human memory skills, after being hit in the head by a baseball. Orlando L. Serell, born 1968 is the person who acquired super-human memory skills after being hit by a baseball. Orlando was similar to other children of his age and didn’t carry any special skills until he was hit

A woman though 70 year old looks like she is just 40 year old.

This 70 year old woman looks like she has just turned 40! The best part about this is that this beautiful woman has got nothing to do with the growth of hormones or testosterones. The Gorgeous Woman: Meet Annette Larkins, who doesn’t look like she has crossed 40 and that’s all because of the kind of