A 66 Year old Man in Hong Kong Finds out He Was Actually a Woman!

A 66 year old man from Hong Kong was having a huge pain in his abdomen; so he went to consult the doctor. To his horror and shock, he discovered that he was actually a female!


Doctors were shocked as well to find out – the man was actually a woman! He was having a cyst in his ovary, which is why he was feeling the pain, as reported to the Hong Kong journal.

So what was going on here?
According to reports, the man was actually suffering from Turner syndrome, which causes women to lack some female features and also congenital adrenal hyperplasia which gave a boost to his male hormones and made him look like a man!
This man reportedly had a small penis, and no testes. He grew up as an orphan. But in this stage of his life, he really wishes to be identified as a man and wants to undergo surgeries to become a man fully.
The Hong Kong medical journal also reported that only six cases like these have ever been reported until now.

image credit : pixabay