Mountain dew, one of the most famous carbonated drinks, is rumoured to gradually reduce sperm-count.

Do you drink Mountain Dew, one of the most popular and refreshing drinks? Are you a fan of this soft drink? Have you heard people telling you about its connection with a gradual decrease in sperm count?

PepsiCo owned Mountain Dew is a carbonated soft drink brand that is consumed by millions of people around the globe. Recently, it has been accused to decrease sperm count in men. There are many people who are questioning their once upon a time favorite drink because several teenagers have raised this issue.


So what is the truth?

No matter what people say, the truth is that Mountain dew DOES NOT decrease your sperm count. It does not affect the size of your penis, testis or sperm in any way at all. No doubt soft drinks are not very good for health, but that does not mean we would accuse any particular brand or drink with something that is not even proved.

The connection between Mountain Dew and low sex drive:

Despite the fact that the drink does not affect your sperm count in any way at all, there is one thing that the experts have come up with in their findings and research – the drink has 55mg of caffeine, which is quite on the higher side. Thus, it may affect your sexual drive and performance in bed.

Some of the experts also say that the coloring agent used in the drink affects sperm count; however, no specific study has found a result that proves the same for the researchers.

The coloring agent, Yellow Dye No. 5, may increase the risk of cancer, allergies, hyperactivity and diabetes in those, who consume it in larger quantities. Therefore, it is better to avoid drinking it on a regular basis.