TEEN HERO – He chased a car on his bike for 15 minutes to save this 5-year-old girl who was snatched from her front yard in Pennsylvania.

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Jocelyn Rojas, a five year old little girl was playing in her front yard in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when she was snatched away. However the girl was saved by two teenage boys who are being hailed as heroes after they chased a car carrying her on their bicycles. 

According to the authorities, the girl was abducted by a man who lured her by offering ice cream. The incident happened on Thursday’s afternoon when she disappeared at around 4.35 pm. The little girl was safely at home after two hours. 

According to Temor Boggs, 15, he and his friend saw the little girl being kidnapped so they chased the kidnapper for about 15 minutes.  

After about half a mile, when the guy noticed that he was being chased, he stopped the car on the hill and let the girl out of the car. The little girl ran to Boggs and was returned back safely to her family. 

According to Jocelyn’s mother, the family and the Police were wandering madly looking for Jocelyn in the neighborhood and asking if anyone has seen her. 

Now she is very thankful to the two teens for saving her daughter’s life. 

She said “He is our hero. There is just no words to say.” 

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